My Favorites


Author: Bob Goff

Bob Goff's two books, "Love Does" and "Everybody Always" have been influential in how I live my life. 

Conductor: Donald Neuen

When I was a junior in my undergrad, I went to the ACDA convention in New York City.   In the exhibit hall, they were selling Don Neuen's DVD series.  As a poor college student, I could not afford the DVDs, so I stood at the exhibit for over 2 hours to gain as much knowledge as I could.  They eventually sold me the DVD series for less than 1/2 of the cost, probably to get me out of the way.  Less than two years later, I was at UCLA getting my Master's with Professor Neuen.  He was then, and continues to be my inspiration. 

Music: All of it

If it has interest, meaning, and purpose, I will listen!

Activity: Traveling with my Family

My husband, kids, and I travel well together.  My dream is to get an RV and travel the country with them for at least a year.  Winnebago Intent 31P.

Passion: Foster Care

All three of our kids were adopted through the foster care system.   We have  fostered 15 children in our time as foster parents.  Much reform needs to take place throughout our nation to ensure that all children are safe and loved.  If you're interested in helping children, check out and click on your state.